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   Vince Bonfanti


Deploying CFML on J2EE Servers

Vince Bonfanti is president and co-founder of New Atlanta Communications,and has successfully brought three generations of web-scripting languages to market since 1995:

Lasso - A cgi-based web-scripting language and runtime for publishing FileMaker Pro databases. Lasso was sold to Claris (now FileMaker, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, in March of 1997 - becoming the FileMaker Pro 4.0 Web Companion. Over ten million licenses of FileMaker Pro have been sold since its initial release.

ServletExec - A server-side Java based web-scripting language and runtime that implements the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) APIs.

BlueDragon - A ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) runtime with native deployment and integration capabilities on both the Microsoft .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms.

Vince also authored "blueprints", a regular column featured in the ColdFusion Developer's Journal (CFDJ). A charter member of Sun's Java Servlet and JSP Expert Groups, Vince has been a JavaOne speaker and a contributor to Java trade magazines and online publications. Vince has also been a featured speaker at CFML-based conferences as well as at local ColdFusion User Groups around the country.

Vince Bonfanti can be reached at vince (at) newatlanta.com.

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