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   Sean Corfield


Frameworks: Mach II or Fusebox 4.1?

Application frameworks are an important tool in a developer's arsenal. Fusebox is the most popular ColdFusion application framework with Mach II rising quickly in second place. Find out what these frameworks can do for you and discover which one might be best for you. A single example application will be presented, implemented with both frameworks, as an illustration of their similarities and their differences. This presentation will be given remotely via Breeze.

Sean Corfield is Director of Architecture for Macromedia, and has worked in IT for over twenty years. He started out writing database systems in assembler and compilers in various languages, before moving into mobile telecoms and finally to the web about seven years ago. Along the way, he worked on the ISO and ANSI C++ Standards committees for eight years but then turned to Java (in '97) and gave up C++, although he still maintains one of the textbook reference websites: C++ - Beyond the ARM.

Sean Corfield is a staunch advocate of software standards and best practice, having written C++ coding guidelines for several companies during the 90's and more recently maintaining the Macromedia ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines which are also published for the ColdFusion community. He has also given several seminar talks, both in-house and publicly, on these subjects. Recently Sean has become a staunch advocate of Mach II.

Sean Corfield can be reached at sean (at) corfield.org.

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