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   Steve Rittler


Getting Started with Mach-ii

Mach-ii is a framework for developing ColdFusion applications that has gained significant attention in the CF community. What better way to get to know it than get your hands dirty? In this session we'll get the Mach framework installed, drop a sample Access database on your machine, and code our first Mach application together. Experience with CFC development strongly recommended...if you grok OOP and MVC, so much the better but don't be discouraged if you don't! We'll review some of these core concepts briefly before getting into the code. By the end of the session you'll have just enough familiarity with OOP and Mach-ii to go back to work in the morning wanting to clean up many of your apps.

Stephen Rittler is the owner of Countermarch Systems LLC, a consulting firm specializing in business process automation and content management solutions using Macromedia technologies. His company has developed effective solutions for clients in education, government, publishing and manufacturing. He is a Certified Advanced ColdFusion developer and has contributed to the CF community through his writing, leadership of the Philadelphia ColdFusion User Group and presentations on a variety of topics. Steve is a musician at heart but has yet to figure out how to play his saxophone and code at the same time. You can read his blog at http://www.countermarch.com/blog.

Steve Rittler can be reached at srittler (at) countermarch.com.

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