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   Simon Horwith


Event Gateways in CFMX7 - filling in for Jeff Tapper

One of the most exciting new features of ColdFusion MX7 is Event Gateways. Event Gateways offer a way to trigger ColdFusion code without needing to make a HTTP request. This can allow ColdFusion to react to Instant Messages, SMS messages, File System changes, and much more. This opens whole new worlds of possibility for ColdFusion applications. In this session we will explore what these gateways are, how they work, how you can leverage them in your applications and will explore how this impacts ColdFusion application architecture.

Simon Horwith has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5 and is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor and Member of the Adobe Community Expert team. He specializes in Flex and AIR development as well as ColdFusion application architecture, including architecting applications that integrate with Java, Flash, Flex, and a myriad of other technologies. In addition to presenting at user groups and conferences around the world, he has also been a contributing author of several books and technical papers. Simon served as Editor-in-Chief of ColdFusion Developer's Journal for several years. You can read his blog at www.horwith.com.

Simon Horwith can be reached at simon (at) horwith.com.

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