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   Robi Sen


Using Open STA for functional and load testing

Testing applications is an important part of the development cycle but most web application developers never do anything more than simple user testing. In part this is because of the perceived as well as actual complexity of tools like Loadrunner as well the very high cost of these software packages. In this lecture Robi Sen of Department 13 will show you how to use Open STA, a free open source testing tool, to do functional as well as load testing. Do not miss this lecture in that Robi will be demonstrating how little know server and JVM tuning tips during his demonstration.

Robi Sen is the President of Department 13 LLC, a software consultancy focusing on e-procurement, supply chain management, enterprise application integration, and Web Services for Fortune 2000 companies. Mr. Sen is a noted author and highly sought after speaker on the topics of XML, EAI, and Web Services.

Robi Sen can be reached at rsen (at) department13.com.

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