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   David & Adam Churvis


.Net Eye for the ColdFusion Guy

Look out! .NET is coming for you! Okay, so it isn't quite that sinister. But .NET is out there. And even if you never use it, knowing a little bit about it and its strengths and weaknesses relative to ColdFusion is to your advantage. So don't miss this meeting at which David Churvis and Adam Churvis will give you the very intro to .NET that you need.

The job market is getting tougher, and employers are calling for more than just ColdFusion skills, but you've been apprehensive about delving into a different development environment. How do you apply your hard-earned ColdFusion skills to something completely different? Can you integrate the two environments? You've heard about integrating Java with ColdFusion, but what about integrating with .NET?

This presentation will deconstruct two identical applications -- one written in ColdFusion and one written in C-sharp for ASP.NET -- and show you how what you do now in ColdFusion is done in C-sharp, and how development practices differ between the two platforms. The best way to get acquainted with something new is by comparing it to something you already know, so this is a relatively painless way to introduce yourself to C-sharp and the .NET Framework.

Here's a quick outline of the presentation:

* A Tour of Two Identical Applications
* Differences in Development
* Differences in Language
* Integrating ColdFusion and .NET
* Things You'll Miss about ColdFusion
* Things You Won't Miss about ColdFusion
* Things You'll Like about .NET
* Things You Won't Like about .NET

Even if you're strictly ColdFusion-only and think of Microsoft as "the dark side," you won't want to miss this presentation. Your next employer would agree.

Adam Churvis is a database and scalability specialist with over twenty years of software industry experience in many languages and database platforms. He is the founder and President of Productivity Enhancement, a full-service consulting, training, load testing, and commercial software development firm which is entering its ninteenth year in business. Productivity Enhancement is also the parent company of ColdFusionTraining.com and CommerceBlocks.com.

Adam is the principal author of the book "The ColdFusion MX Bible" from Wiley, and has served both as President and as a board member of the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group, and he enjoys speaking at other CFUGs as well. Adam is a member of Team Macromedia.

Adam has a wife whom he worships, three children, three cats, and lots and lots of computers. He can be reached at either adam@productivityenhancement.com or 770-446-8866.

David Churvis is a software development specialist who got his start in object oriented programming at the age of 8. He has worked in HyperCard, SuperCard, FutureBasic, CFML, VTML/WIZML, Transact/SQL, PL/SQL, Delphi, C++, C#, JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML. David is Vice President of Development for Productivity Enhancement, and is the chief programmer behind the CommerceBlocks line of modular ColdFusion development tools; LoRCAT, the Load Reduction and Concentration Analysis Tool for ColdFusion; and Plum, the Practical Lightweight Universal Methodology. David is also a co-author of The ColdFusion MX Bible.

David can be reached at david@productivityenhancement.com or 770-446-8866.

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