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   Douglas Ward


User-Centered Design

The measure of a successful website is not whether it makes use of innovative programming techniques, but whether it effectively serves the needs of its users. Though many of the principals of user-centered design are common sense, many developers fail to adhere to them. Thus, developers' efforts are undermined because all users care about is whether the website is easy to use and works like they expect it to - not whether it makes innovative use of arrays and stored procedures. This fun and informative presentation will teach you the fundamentals of user-centered design. User-Centered Design tends to be a common-sense issue. However, the fundamentals of good user-centered design are quite frequently overlooked by developers whose energies are more focused on application code. Yet, adhering to a few key points can make a tremendous difference in the final site. All of which helps make the CF developer's code seem all that much better. There are various popular books about User-Centered Design, among them are: "Don't Make Me Think", by Steve Krug "Information Architecture", by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville "The Elements of User Experience", by Jesses James Garret

Doug Ward is a Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer for The Centech Group, a leading worldwide provider of government Information Technology solutions. Doug has developed large scale, data collection applications for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Doug is an advocate of user-centered, standards-based design, and an enthusiastic practitioner of best-of-breed development methodologies, including Fusebox, and the Agile programming methods. Doug studied English at the University of Pittsburgh and has earned an Interactive Multimedia & Website Design Certificate from the George Washington University.

Douglas Ward can be reached at doug_ward (at) mac.com.

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