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   Sandra Clark


CSS for Better Sites

Creating Web Sites that separate content from presentation using XHTML for Structural Markup and CSS for presentation (including positioning) is the cutting edge technology for web development. In this presentation, you will learn about: - Cascading, Inheritance and Specificity - DocType Sniffing or how to make sure browsers render your site in standards mode. - Multi-column page layouts - Stop using tables for layouts - Explaining the box model and - CSS Hacks

Sandra Clark, an advanced Macromedia Certified ColdFusion developer, is a Senior Software Developer with the Constella Group in Bethesda, Maryland. She has contributed material to the ColdFusion 5.0 Certified Developer Study Guide published by Syngress Media/Osborne McGraw Hill, and to the ColdFusion Developers Journal. She has also spoken at various CFUGS and ColdFusion User Conferences around the country.

Sandra is an active proponent of applying accepted and proven web standards to development as a way of improving accessibility as well as making life easier on developers.

Sandra Clark can be reached at slclark (at) shayna.com.

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