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   Geoff Snowman


What's new in SQL Server 2005

The new features in SQL Server 2005, especially the XML support and the new XQuery language.

Geoff Snowman is a Developer Community Champion with Microsoft Corporation. He's based in Maryland.

Geoff's experience building applications dates back to an era when Ronald Reagan was president, CP/M was the most widely used microcomputer operating system, and Geoff had hair over his entire head. Geoff wrote his first Windows programs using the Windows 1.0 beta SDK back in 1985.

Geoff has been with Microsoft since 2001. Prior to taking on the Developer Community Champion role, Geoff was a senior consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services and an architect evangelist with Microsoft's Mid-Atlantic District. In both of these roles he helped Microsoft's customers create solutions based on the .NET Framework.

Geoff is a British transplant who has lived in the DC metro area since the 1980s. He has an M.A. in computer science from Cambridge University. His hobbies include playing bridge, photography, and passing MCP examinations. Geoff's technical interests include systems architecture, web services, and XML-based programming.

Geoff runs free .NET training seminars for experienced developers, covering a wide variety of subjects. For more info, see: http://www.connect-ms.com/msdn/default.html

Geoff's blog provides information on developer events in PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, and WV. To find out what's going on for developers at user groups and Microsoft events, see: http://blogs.msdn.com/gsnowman/

The DCC Site: http://www.microsoft.com/dcc/

Like what he's doing? Hate what he's doing? Either way, please e-mail his manager Mike O'Neill at msdnmgrs@microsoft.com and let him know.

Geoff Snowman can be reached at gsnowman (at) microsoft.com.

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