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   Don Doane


Measuring Poor Website Performance

So you have written a great new site but how does it perform in real life? Sure it runs fine with one person testing it but will it get sick when thousand of users come to it? And if certain pages are slow what is it costing your customer and end users in terms of lost sales and lost time? Don will show us how to measure the business impact of poor website performance, including calculating the cost of poor performance in terms of lost revenue and productivity. He will also walk through a customer a case study for an e-commerce client and show how they used tools and his testing methodology to help save them money and increase website sales.

Don is the founder of OpenDemand Systems, Inc., and is directly responsible for overseeing the company's overall corporate and technical strategy and vision. He has a strong background in developing and testing Web applications, and he understands the issues that developers face in deploying web-based applications. His responsibilities at OpenDemand include evangelizing the benefits of load testing applications early and often, and showing engineers how to test their critical applications for robustness and scalability. Don is a regular speaker at Macromedia and ColdFusion user groups and conferences nationwide, and has most recently addressed user groups in NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, Central PA, Baltimore, Annapolis MD, Washington D.C., Richmond VA, Northern VA and San Antonio, as well as conducted workshops on load-testing best practices at the Colorado Macromedia Technology Conference.

Don Doane can be reached at ddoane (at) opendemand.com.

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