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PPT Slide

PPT Slide

    Example: Manipulating Binary

    <CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE="_TwosCompToDec.cfm">
    <CFSET flnm="d:\cfusionmx\wwwroot\cfide\administrator\images\cfmx.gif">
    <CFFILE ACTION="ReadBinary" FILE="#flnm#" VARIABLE="TheFile">
    <CFSET Width = TwosCompToDec((TheFile[7]) + (TheFile[8] * 256), 8)>
    <CFSET Height = TwosCompToDec((TheFile[9]) + (TheFile[10] * 256), 8)>
    <H2>GIF Dimensions</H2>
    Width: #Width#<BR>
    Height: #Height#<BR>
    <CFDUMP VAR="#TheFile#">

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