As May's MDCFUG meeting is coming up tomorrow tonight, I want to be sure everyone knows that you can still revisit any meetings you may have missed over the past several months.  Since December 2006, we have been recording the MDCFUG meetings using Adobe Breeze, and those recordings are posted on the MDCFUG Past Meetings page, at

Last month, we heard from 2 fantastic speakers, and if you missed that meeting you can still catch it now!  Daniel Daugherty spoke on 'AJAX with CF and Java' , and Vanessa Howle spoke on 'What is new in Accessibility'.  They each referenced each other's experience during the presentations, to assure us that yes, even an AJAX site can be accessible!  Listen to these two speakers and learn how.

One note about the Breeze videos: sometimes the audio has been less consistent than the video, but we're getting better at it!  Both Daniel's and Vanessa's voices come through loud and clear.  You do have to wait a couple minutes at the beginning for the audio to kick in ... but be patient!  It's worth it.

Also note that you can come back to about 48 hours after any MDCFUG meeting, to download the PowerPoint presentations and any provided files, as well as to view the recorded meeting.